Manager de retea fotovoltaic 230Vac 125A Comutator ATS automat

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Manager de retea fotovoltaic 230Vac 125A Este un Comutator ATS automat, cu sursa dubla de alimentare, destinat sistemelor fotovoltaice, avand o intrare prioritara, destinata ca fiind o sursa de alimentare primara, si cea de a doua intrare ca fiind o sursa secundara.

Se pot folosi foarte eficient in sisteme fotovoltaice, pentru a prioritiza cele doua surse de energie. Sursa fotovoltaica si retea sau generator.



Rated Current Ie (A)
Din rail
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)
AC690, 50/60HZ
Rated working voltage Ue (V)
AC400, 50/60HZ
Rated impulse withstand voltage (KV)
Connecting and breaking
6.0Ie 1.05Ue cosØ=0.50±0.05, 50 times
Operating performance
2.0Ie 1.05Ue cosØ=0.80±0.05, 6000 times
Rated limited short-circuit current Iq
Control circuit
Rated supply voltage Us: AC220V, 50HZ.
Working condition:85% Us~110% Us
Ancillary circuit
Two isolated relays, each relay with 2 groups of passive
switch contact. Contact capacity: AC220 50Hz, Ie=5A
Switching time
Action time


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